Decorative arts - wall faux finishing
graining - marbling - stenciling and touch up
doors and moldings to look like any wood you desire

garage Decks - powerwash and finishing
  • Thoroughly protects landscaping
  • Applies durable coating
  • Sands and restores
Exteriors - painting and finishing
  • Covers and protects plants
  • Cleans walls, sands and paints
Interiors - painting and finishing
  • Protects furnishings
  • Restores to original condition
  • Customer chooses and approves of colors
Cabinet refinishing and refurbishing
  • Brings the old luster back to life
  • Sands and finishes
Carpentry repair and touch up
  • Finish carpentry
  • Repairs furniture
  • Does molding
Wallcover and installation
  • Repairs walls
  • Sizes walls
  • Installs wallcovering

40 years of experience
All work done in a professional manner
All work done with quality materials
We care about each job and provide follow up to protect work done

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